Sep 13, 2009

long sleeves

The summer in Michigan has been short this year. But, honestly I'm already longing for the fall. If for no other reason than to start wearing winter clothes. I'm a cozy sweater and warm boots kind of girl and I find myself pining away for the long sleeved shirts in the back of my closet. Yesterday, despite the sun it was a teensy bit chilly and I decided to wear my favorite flannel shirt. It was lovely.

Last night I finally got around to editing some photos of new lucite flowers for the flower section of the shop. These are so cute and I have them in *11* great colors! Today I'm pushing to add more items after the outdoor photoshoot I had yesterday. I'm excited because I'm installing a new section in the shop to be coming very soon! Let's keep it secret for now ;)



  1. Yay for more flowers! The vintage ones I love are always disappearing from stock wherever I look, so it's always nice to see new ones being made and added to people's shops.

  2. I agree! I'm visiting Team ESST blogs to say "hi" and see what everyone does.