Dec 3, 2009

feeling feathery

I just added some lovely new vintage feather charms to the shop. I searched for these all around and up and down the whole world, it seemed like, and then found them practically in my backyard. These are some of my most favorite beads ever. I'm digging in my vintage bead boxes today and you'll see what else I can dig up today in the new section in the shop. If you please.

My holiday purchases have begun to arrive. My UPS man, who is usually very good, left a box from Anthropologie out on the stoop rather than under the awning (?) while it was raining and my box was soaked through and through. Everything inside was completely wet. A gifty inside for someone-not-to-be-named came in a cool box that was ruined. What up UPS man? Maybe I will forgive you if you deliver my shipment of beads I have been waiting for. Maybe.


1 comment:

  1. I totally TOTALLY feel your pain with the UPS guy. For awhile it was starting to feel like the delivery people were out to get me. Fragile boxes thrown over the wall, certified mail delivered to the neighbors who promptly threw it out, the list goes on... I really hope you can get everything in your package exchanged & re-delivered with as little stress as possible. Good luck!