Aug 26, 2010

good enough to eat

These little cuties just arrived in the shop!
Little tiny men made of gingerbread! So cute.
These cake slices are so detailed! These are perfect for making rings.
Mini Moonpies = Cute stud earrings
Versatile bows are now stocked in red, pink, white and black.
People are making some amazing things with these little decoden items! Decoden may be catching on in the US...but I don't think I'll be covering my cell phone quite like this one just yet...Decoden (Dekoden) is short for "decoration" and is the art of decorating cell phones and other small items (fingernails are also very popular) with jewels, tiny molded sweets, ribbons, and other embellishments. Some of these are quite elaborate! Do an internet search to see some crazy stuff.
A cell phone decked out with tiny sweets from

I do love these hairclips made by x_king_queer_x from

What will you make?

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