Jan 2, 2011

new year, new colors

Happy New Year to my Snapcrafty friends and family! Thanks for making 2010 so amazing. I met so many new and wonderful people who shared their stories with me making me feel so very special. I am confident more than ever that I am in the place where I should be.

We are already concentrating on all the new projects we hope to bring to the shop in 2011. We have lots of new items we'll be stocking in the coming weeks and we will be updating the shop with some lovely new photos courtesy of my new camera which will be here in 3 (too, too long) days. We are also working hard on our stand-alone website, which we are very excited about!

We recently had some new colors of the popular large chrysanthemum cabochons made and I listed them in the shop. You can now purchase an assortment of all 23 colors, choose 6 or 10 of your choice, or purchase each color individually. Please welcome: buttercup, chai, jade, peach, and cornflower!

row 1: red, tangerine, green meadow, cornflower, lavender, black
row 2: raspberry, buttercup, chartreuse, pale blue, plum, gray
row 3: fuchsia, yellow, jade, aqua, blue sky, cinnamon
row 4: pink, peach, ivory, white, chai

More soon and Happy New Year!

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  1. Love them all <3 When I get my paycheck for february...