Jan 4, 2012

We are in Country Living!

Thanks to the folks at Country Living for a lovely article!


  1. YEAY!!!!
    I knew you were awesome!
    I'm one of those customers you treat like gold. I will keep coming back and I DID tell my friends!
    Well deserved accolades!

  2. Just read it & found you! I am soooo in love with Snapcrafty- can't wait to start ordering :)

  3. Awesome and congrats! Love your quote:
    "Treat your customer's like gold, because they'll come back - and tell their friends."

  4. I just read the article. Do you by chance make the bracelet shown on your page? I don't know anything about jewelry making but I'd love to purchase a bracelet just like that one. It's beautiful and so unique.

  5. Hi Sandy! We don't sell any finished jewelry right now, but we do sell all the components to make a bracelet just like this one.