Feb 11, 2009

whoooo are you?

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I thought I should just take a minute and tell you a bit about who I am and why I'm here and why you should stick around and maybe see what this blog is all about.

Who am i? I run an etsy shop called snapcrafty. I used to design jewelry and handspun yarn and sell it under the same name back in 2005-07. I loved it and my little shop did pretty well. Unfortunately, I had to close up shop when my regular career as a research scientist became hectic. Several years later, I had lots of jewelry supplies left over and decided to destash it on etsy. My little etsy shop grew and when I had an opportunity to change careers, I decided to make it a full-time thing. I love the customer interaction, finding new products, and design work involved in running the shop. I am now pursuing a new career in graphic design and also design jewelry on the side. I feel now that I am finally doing what I love to do.

Why am I here? I love the online craft community and the camaraderie between bloggers. This has been an integral part of the explosion of growth in the crafting world in recent years. I hope to use this blog to feature my favorite links, blogs, crafty finds as well as discuss personal interests including gardening, graphic design, metalsmithing and cooking. You'll also find info on my etsy shop, but this is not a blog that exists solely to whore out my wares.

Why are you here? I hope you are here to find to satisfy your thirst for craft-related knowledge and also to be entertained. You might also be here to keep abreast of my shop and etsy-related promotions. Feel free to comment on my posts or simply say 'hello'. If you would like to swap crafty blog links, I would be delighted. My next post will be a feature on some of my favorite crafting related websites. See you soon!

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