Mar 4, 2009

i love the people at the apple store

Good customer service is key to running a successful business.

I woke up to the news that the price had been dropped on the iMac I purchased
last week. By $350.00. I just called up the apple store and said I was
unhappy about this recent turn of events. And guess what? They refunded
me the difference. I am so stoked.

Now, I feel like I got a really awesome deal on a computer and in addition, I will completely and
without reservation recommend that everyone thinking about buying a
computer consider an apple. I switched about two years ago and never
looked back.

Their customer service is awesome. They were polite and so,
so nice on the phone. Not like so many companies that keep you waiting
for an hour only to speak to a rude and disgruntled employee that will
often not have any idea how to fix your problem. Ehem, Comcast.

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