Aug 21, 2009

are you watching project runway this season?

Finally Project Runway is back and I'm so excited for it. **Spoilers alert if you haven't watched it yet!** (I hate it when someone forgets to post a spoilers notice!) A friend and I had a little watching party last night and managed to talk all the way through the 'All Stars' portion of the evening, but then quieted up for the actual premier of the season 6 show. I'm not sure who my favorite designer is yet. No one really blew me away.

Even though Christopher won the challenge, I actually liked Ra'mon's dress the best. And I respect the fact that he completely changed careers from medicine to fashion. That's a big risk. I guess I can relate to that a little bit. Ari's outfit was totally crazy and from outer space, but I was still a little surprised that Mitchell wasn't voted out since he really didn't even complete an outfit. The judges sometimes surprise me but overall Heidi, Nina and Michael Kors are still totally on point. My verdict: I still love the show, even after the loooong hiatus. I'll definitely be watching it this season!

winning look by Christopher Straub from

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