Aug 11, 2009

I'm back, for reals

Now that the wedding hubbub has died down, I'm feeling a bit more rested and able to gather my thoughts and blog on a more regular basis. So here is my thought for today: It always seemed to be a point of contention on blogs/etsy forums, etc... that supply and jewelry sellers didn't want to share their sources and how that was uncool or mean. Nowadays, I can very much relate as to why that is. I just spent all day trying to source a couple of items that have been very troublesome for me to find. I have been looking for many hours for these items. Many. hours. Many more hours than I spent today. I ended up finding another different, but equally difficult to find and pretty sweet, item on a website that I had to translate from Japanese using Babelfish. Luckily they ship to the US. So there you have it. Now my eyes are so bleary I have to get off the computer for a little while. But, a successful day, I think.

Some new things I hope to add to the shop today.

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  1. I can appreciate an artist's reluctance to share their trade secrets. In as much as sharing is caring, business has its rules and secrets too. Trade's a real thing! ;-)