Nov 25, 2009

menu musings

I know I have to pack about a million orders here, but I'm completely distracted by my Thanksgiving menu. Last year at this time, I was bogged down in labwork and not a very happy person. Being able to cook again is such a fantastic luxury and I want to make something a little special. Here is what's lined up so far:

For appetizers: Prosciutto-wrapped grilled shrimp, Cranberry-orange relish and gorgonzola cheese on toasts; For dinner: a herb-roasted and brined chicken, chipotle sweet potatoes, a warm wilted spinach salad with cranberry, apple, feta, and pecans, homemade gravy, and cornbread stuffing with fresh sage and rosemary from the garden; For dessert: a Sara-Lee chocolate pie.

I have no business baking pies--I know when to leave that to the professionals and my husband requested a chocolate pie. All of this food for two people. And one lucky dog. Cooking should keep me busy tomorrow, so some prep may have to be done today. I suppose some order-fulfillment is on the agenda right now. What are you doing to prepare for your Thanksgiving meals?

P.S. I'm going to be having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE--this will be free shipping on any domestic order over $25 OR 10% off your entire order for domestic and international orders over $25. You can choose!

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