Nov 27, 2009

black friday deal at Snapcrafty

As everyone heads out to malls I'm going into hiding, my stomach still recovering from the appalling amount of food that went into my mouth yesterday. My menu was nearly a 100% success (see previous post) save for the wilted spinach salad which became a fully cooked spinach salad that was texturally strange. My husband bravely ate a few bites before coming clean and agreeing it was not so good.

If you plan to do some shopping online, my Black Friday deal is going on in the Snapcrafty Shop today. Domestic USA shoppers can get free shipping on orders over $25 and international or domestic shoppers can get 10% off orders over $25--choice of one per order. Just place your order and convo me with 'free shipping' or '10% off' in the subject line and I'll refund your discount promptly.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Here are some pics of our tasty meal. How did yours turn out?

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