Jan 3, 2010

new year, what's in store?

The last couple of weeks have been so relaxing, I've been up into the Smoky mountains, then down into the South and back home again to the bracing cold of midwestern Michigan. Feeling refreshed from our winter break, Mr. Snapcrafty and I are feeling so motivated to make 'things' happen around here right now.
There are home-improvements planned and..... my very own shop website is on the horizon!  I'm exhausted at all the mock-up designs I've already tried, but I'm finally homing in on the one that is just right and we're getting down to business today. I'm very excited about it and I think it will be a little different than any other bead shop out there. I also have some brand-new oh-so fantastical colorful and delicious cabochons that are going to be arriving in the shop very very soon. I think you will love them.

I'm also adding a new product line to the shop...hopefully it will be photographed today, what could it be?

I have so many wonderful things planned for 2010. Both in the shop and for my home and family. 

I think this new year will be the best yet. Happy new year from us to all of you!

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